Krishna Pranami - The Revelation

"The Vedas, Upanishads appeared amongst the Devan people of the East. The Bible, the Koran were spoken to the Asuras people of the West. That is why they appear different. But if you understand the true, inner meaning of the scriptures, you will be blessed. That is what my mission is. Do not be fooled by false preachers who advocate hatred for other faiths. Look at the unity of all religious teachings. People may appear different outwardly, but they all have the same soul, the same Supreme Jiva, in them.


Guruji Mohan Priyacharyaji

Shri Mohan Priyacharyaji was born in a Kaundiyabrahmin family on 7th March, 1955. His father’s name was ShriMankidasSapkota and his mother’s name was Smt. Vishnumayaji. They were both Pranami’s and were devotees of GurujiMangaldasjiMaharaj. At the age of One, when children are learning to walk properly, ‘Mohan priya’ was bestowed the diksha mantra by GurujiMangaldas. As he grew up into a boy, his interest in spirituality grew. The result was, at the age of 16, after passing his madhyamik board exams, he left his home forever to come to his Guruji, ShriMangaldasji, in Kalimpong.


Guruji Shri Mangaldasji

Three centuries after the advent of Mahamati Prannthji, Guruji Shri Mangaldasji, disciple of AcharyaShri 108 Pitambardasji, commenced preaching of Krishna Pranami Dharma at Kalimpong. GurujiMangaldasji was born on AshwinShuklaDwadshiBikramSamvat 1953 (18th October, 1896) in Melbote village of Illam district of Nepal. His father was ShriKalyandas and mother's name was Narbada Bai.