Shrimad Bhāgavata Purāṇa

A Glimpse of the Shrimad Bhāgavata Purāṇa:

Bhagavata Puranais considered as purest and greatest of all Puranas since it invokes the devotion towards the God Narayana or Vishnu and his various incarnations, primarily focusing on Lord Krishna . Bhagavata Purana truly reveals the means of becoming free from all material work, together with the processes of pure transcendental knowledge, renunciation and devotion of God Vishnu and anyone who seriously tries to understand, hears and chants the verses of BhagavataPurana with devotion to Lord Vishnu or Narayana or Krishna, becomes completely liberated from material bondage and attains moksha or liberation from cycle of births and deaths in the material world.

The Bhagavata Purana takes the form of a story recounting Vyasa’s  work being recited for the first time by his son Suka to the dying King Parikshit, who owes his life to Krishna. Longing to hear of Krishna before he dies, Parikshit hears the Bhagavata recited by Suka, including questions by the king and replies by the sage, over the course of sevendays.

Shreemad Bhagawad Mahapuran by Tara Ghimire:

ShreemadBhagawadMahapuran is an spiritual program which lasts for seven days. This spiritual program is all about the interpretation of the holy book the shreemadBhagawad Gita in simple language so that the devotees  understand the holy message provided by the scripture.

Side by side this spiritual program is also a means to collect charity and donations. The collected amount is used in infrstructral development of the local people as per their needs.

Therefore this spiritual program, by Bidushi Tara Ghimire,  not only gives spiritual message to the society, but also provides a means to collect the needed donations and funds for infrastructural development of the society which has been of immense help to the society.